Wafra is Qalaa Holdings’s platform company for agricultural production in Sudan and South Sudan and includes the rights to more than 500,000 feddans of land through investments held under portfolio companies Sabina (324,000 feddans in Sudan) and Concord Agriculture (250,000 feddans in South Sudan). Wafra engages in large-scale cultivation of cash crops including grain sorghum, maize, sunflower, rice and various grain legumes for sale in the local market. In 2012, the Sabina farm completed the rehabilitation of more than 200 km of irrigation canals that will supply water to its own land as well as 13,000 feddans for local farmers. Sabina has also completed demarcation of its 324,000 feddans of farmland that has established clearly defined lines on both topographical maps and on the ground to insure that all stakeholders are aligned.