With an agricultural footprint of over 10,000 acres, Dina Farms is Egypt’s / Africa’s largest private-sector dairy farm and distributor of fresh milk. In 1Q19, the company produced around 21,826 tons of raw milk utilizing its 16,037 cattle heads, of which 7,462 are milking cows. Dina Farms has also recently increased its cultivated land area by 450 feddans (200 acres).

Investment Co. for Dairy Products (ICDP) manufactures, markets, and distributes dairy products (including fresh milk) under the brand name ‘Dina Farms’ and is currently the leading market player in its category controlling c.70% of the fresh milk market in Egypt. Since its establishment in 2010, ICDP has been on a steady growth trajectory with total distributed volume in 2018 reaching 12,261 SKU tons. In 2017, the company added a new fresh milk line that doubled its capacity. The company added a new yoghurt production line, which should commenced operations in August 2019 and increased the current yoghurt production capacity by 500%.