Qalaa Holdings Key Speaker at United Nations High Level Political Forum’s Private Sector Workshop “Business Leading the Way” as a model for Embracing SDGs in Core Practice; Qalaa’s Education Initiatives to be Presented to 44 Attending Countries as Success Story in Implementing SDG #4

Qalaa Holdings will showcase its success in advancing sustainable development and aligning its ESG practices with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an example for emerging market companies

Qalaa Holdings (CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Exchange), an African leader in energy and infrastructure is honored to announce that it has been invited to participate in a private sector training workshop: “Business leading the way: the SDGs as a tool for sustainability and growth” held during the United Nations High Level Political Forum (HLPF) at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City between 13 July to 17 July 2017. Qalaa will showcase its efforts in aligning its ESG practice with the SDGs as a model for emerging market companies, with its education initiatives recognized by the HLPF and to be presented to the 44 attending countries as a success story in implementing SDG #4.

Co-organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Sustainable Development Fund (SDGF), the workshop will feature several sessions focused on the adoption of the SDGs and the means by which governments, private sector and civil society can collaborate and unite their efforts to advance sustainable development. Workshop participants include a delegation of four Egyptian companies operating in various industries.

Qalaa Holdings’ Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer Ghada Hammouda will showcase the company’s success in aligning its sustainability program and corporate governance framework with the United Nations’ SDGs. Qalaa’s experience serves as benchmark for emerging markets companies and a model framework for the adoption and integration of the United Nations’ 17 distinct SDGs within business practices, as well as monitoring and reporting on progress through the periodic issuance of sustainability reports. Hammouda will also highlight efforts by Qalaa’s subsidiaries to integrate the SDGs across their value chains, with particular emphasis on investments in energy such as the Egyptian Refining Company, Qalaa’s USD 3.7 billion refinery in Mostorod, and solid waste management platform Tawazon.

Since establishment in 2004, Qalaa Holdings has shown a steadfast commitment to the provision of quality education (SDG: 4) and the promotion of gender equality (SDG: 15) placing them at the core of its sustainability and human capital development strategy. Among the company’s numerous initiatives are training workshops for Egypt’s educators, vocational training, renovations for several schools across the nation, and awarding over 163 scholarships for higher education through Egypt’s largest private-sector scholarship program.

Qalaa’s invitation to participate in this reputable event as an Egyptian success story serves as a testament and recognition of its efforts to making the principles of sustainability, inclusivity, stewardship and innovation central to its growth as an institution.

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Qalaa Holdings(CCAP.CA on the Egyptian Stock Exchange) is an African leader in energy and infrastructure. Formerly known as Citadel Capital, Qalaa Holdings controls subsidiaries in industries including Energy, Cement, Transportation & Logistics, and Mining. To learn more, please visit

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