Across ASCOM’s Footprint
  • 303.4 Thousand TONS

    ACCM Volumes Sold (FY18)
  • 9.6 Thousand tons

    GlassRock Volumes Sold (FY18)

    Egypt Quarrying Business Volumes Sold (FY18)

    GlassRock Revenues (FY18)
  • 363.8 MILLION EGP

    Egypt Quarrying Revenues (FY18)

From quarrying for the cement industry to the manufacture of world-class technical calcium carbonate and environmentally friendly building materials, Qalaa Holdings’ investments in the mining sector help nations develop and add value to their natural resources.

All of our investments in the mining sector focus on the production of value-added products for domestic and export consumption to help countries in Africa and the Middle East unlock their economic potential.

  • Qalaa Holdings’ mining sector subsidiary is ASCOM (ASCM.CA on the Egyptian Exchange), a regional leader in the field of geology and mining, offering the market a unique interface between science and field applications. ...

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  • Fayez Gress
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    Fayez Gress

    ASCOM - CEO & Executive Chair
    Fayez Gress

    Fayez Gress

    ASCOM - CEO & Executive Chair

    Fayez Gress took on the role of Managing Director at ASEC Company for Mining (ASCOM), Qalaa Holdings' platform in the regional mining industry, in 2001. After the company was acquired by Qalaa Holdings (then known as Citadel Capital) in 2004, he became Chairman and Managing Director. Gress has been instrumental in developing ASCOM from a local player that provides services to the cement and building materials sector in Egypt to a group of companies with operations throughout the Middle East and Africa. He has helped introduce new lines of business including gold exploration, an aggregates division and calcium carbonate production. Gress, a geologist by training, began his career with ASEC Group in 1980 as a field geologist.