• 21,826 TONS RAW MILK

    Dina Farms Sales (1Q19)
  • 3,306 SKUs in Tons

    ICDP Sales (1Q19)
  • 16,037 COWS

    Dina Farms Total Herd (1Q19)

Access to safe and healthy food is a top priority for citizens of Egypt and the region. Addressing this need necessitates investments in multiple solutions that provide safe, healthy and affordable food while tackling the issue of ever-rising populations.

Qalaa Holdings’ investments in agrifoods aim to overcome challenges facing the agricultural and food production sector in Egypt and the region, namely inefficient managerial expertise, the lack of economies of scale and insufficient funding. Qalaa Holdings’ companies in the agrifoods sector bring trusted household names to market, such as Dina farms.

Qalaa Holdings’ investment in large-scale farming in Sudan and South Sudan, which will cultivate more than 500,000 feddans of land, is a critical step towards the attainment of long-term food security in the country. Growing staple crops at home for domestic consumption first, and then selling value-added products regionally and beyond, minimizes the need for expensive imports. Large-scale farming is the most efficient, scalable and sustainable way to make significant strides in boosting productivity, while ensuring that local farmers continue to have access to land and resources.

Climate change and the scarcity of natural resources are among the top challenges facing the region. Since inception in 2004, Qalaa Holdings has been committed to rationalizing consumption with all of its investments, especially water. Dina Farms, for example, is using the world’s top irrigation systems on its 9,500 feddans of land in Egypt.

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  • Wafra is Qalaa Holdings’ subsidiary for agricultural production in Sudan and South Sudan and includes the rights to more than 500,000 feddans of land through investments held under portfolio companies Sabina (324,000 feddans in Sudan) and Concord Agriculture (250,000 feddans in South Sudan)....

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