Education at the Heart of ERC Community Development Initiatives

Located in Greater Cairo, the Egyptian Refining Company stands out for its dedicated efforts to make a difference in the communities around which it operates: Mostorod, El Khesous, Shobra El Kheima, and El Mattareya.

Working with local community centers since 2008, ERC has funded the full refurbishment and partial maintenance of 40 public schools in Mostorod and other surrounding communities, benefitting more than 3,000 teachers and 185,000 students. The company has also funded school supplies, uniforms, and bags for more than 5,000 students as well as vision testing and eye glasses for over 5,600 students. ERC has also built local community and training centers at which it has provided vocational training and workshops for almost 2,500 students. One outstanding program conducted a needs assessment and led 21 training sessions for over 400 teachers from local schools.

In late 2016, the ERC took its commitment to reducing educational inequalities in underserved communities one step further by launching the Mostakbaly Scholarship Program. The first phase of this initiative included the establishment of a scholarship program for 6 students from local communities to pursue undergraduate degrees at AUC and the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Phase two of Mostakbaly was launched in early 2017, when ERC provided 30 local teachers with the opportunity to attend AUC’s Teaching Early Learners (CELE) Program, an intensive one-year professional diploma program designed to improve teachers’ skills and introduce them to innovative teaching methods.

In 2017, ERC awarded its first round of annual graduate scholarships for Egyptian students to study abroad. The ERC scholarship is part of “Mostakbaly” its overall initiative to improve the quality of education in Egypt, and gives priority to the residents of ERC’s surrounding community, namely those residing in the Mostorod and Al-Mataria areas. As of recently, there are 51 student scholarship recepients across 5 prominent Egyptian Universities in addition to 60 teachers receiving training at AUC.


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